Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Must Agree...This is My Pick!

When Romney led in the polls, since the day McCain lost in 2008, conservatives guffawed.
The architect of Obamacare was our savior to dismantle the largest stealth freedom grabbing, wealth redistribution scheme ever foisted on the American populace since social security?

A candidate that says he never intended for Romneycare to go viral (even though he’s on video saying that was his big dream) is our antidote for Obama?

He’s out.

Then Bachmann emerged out of nowhere to grab the first caucus. But Newsweek said she was crazy and they had the magazine cover to prove it. Then her husband flounced onto the scene and scared the bejeebus out of us.

How could a woman look at that obvious closet case and be so unaware? Then she knobbed a corndog, and made some (in retrospect) minor gaffes and we thought we could do better.

She’s out.

Then Rick Perry took the lead – and began staring at the spotlight, frozen, with his mouth open, breaking his silence only to become Joe Biden’s less intelligent brother. When he said “have a heart,” we did, and put him out of his misery like a 3-legged farm horse.

He’s gone.

Herman was up next. That was the problem. He’s up, apparently a lot. And he pays for it.


Then the image of Ron Paul started appearing amidst the rubble dust, like AGFA paper in the development tray. But you know what happns when the light is turned on, right?

No Paul.

In comes Gingrich, the old veteran. The mohel behind the great Clinton circumcision of the 90′s. The slayer of the first go round of socialized medicine – Hillarycare. The architect behind 4 balanced budgets in a row, the ringmaster who whipped the most progressive president since LBJ back into the center, the cutter of taxes, the carrier of the Reagan mantle. But he’s too progressive.

Gingrich out.

Then there’s Huntsman who, if Gingrich is too progressive, might as well start wearing a Mao jacket to the debates.

Santorum, a RICK Santorum. Pick up the courtesy phone. It’s your turn on the roller coaster.
Having said all this, I am back to my endorsement from many weeks ago ---

Of course we can always go with someone's Freudian slip-pick...


stopsign said...

Hi Scott,
Like your blog set up!
Enjoyed the video's. I liked seeing Clint :)

Scott said...

Thx for the kind words...gotta love Clint!