Friday, December 16, 2011

A transcript of the conversation that went on in the McDonald's drive-thru between the lady in the car in front of me and the lady taking orders...

CASHIER:  (In a polite and courteous voice)Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?
LAFREAKWA:  (In a ghetto jive ass voice).  Uhhhh....yeah...can I getcho dollar cheeseburger?
CASHIER:  Okay, I have one McDouble, will that be all?
LAFREKWA:  Uhhhh....(Looking over her shoulder to a child in the rear seat)...Shut up Matisha, I'm trying to order food...Damn!...Uhhh...yeah...Can you put lettuce on that?
CASHIER:  Ummm...Okay...Will that be all?
LAFREAKWA:  And can you put tomato on that too?
CASHIER:  Uhhh...Okay...That'll be $1.09.
LAFREAKWA:  Uh yeah...I want some mac sauce on dat too. 
CASHIER:  I'm sorry?
LAFREAKWA:  Mac sauce!  I want some mac sauce on dat!
CASHIER:  Ma'am, you're ordering from the dollar menu, and trying to make a dollar cheeseburger into a Big Mac, we can't do that.
LAFREAKWA:  Whatchu mean you cain't do dat....Shut up Matisha!...Uhhh...You need to do dat.  That's whatchu you need to do.
CASHIER:  If you would like a Big Mac, maybe you should order a Big Mac.
LAFREAKWA:  I don't want no Big Mac.  I want the dollar double cheeseburger.  Wit' lettuce, tomato and mac sauce.
CASHIER:  That's pretty much a Big Mac.  I'm not giving you that for a dollar.
LAFREAKWA:  Whatchu mean you ain't gonna give me dat?  Bitch, I wanna talk to yo manager!
CASHIER:  You're talking to me, and that ain't gonna happen.  And if you keep talking shit, I'm gonna come out there and snatch you bald! 
LAFREAKWA:  Well den, bring yo cheeseburger selling ass out here.  I'll squeeze the mac sauce out yo head.
CASHIER:  I get a break in 15 minutes.  Why don't you wait around.
LAFREAKWA;  Forget you bitch.  My  kid is hongry.  Ima go to Jack in the Box.  Y'all rude here.
CASHIER:  Good then.  Take your hungry kid and go on then.

LaFreakwa drives away....

H/T to The Big Feed


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

OWS car?

Scott said...

You got the implied content right off Odie! OLD Skool OWS.

Amusing Bunni said...

Typical ghetto trash morons. Everywhere you go, you have to listen and put up with this trash. They make the OWS'ers look literate.

Even the drive thru's aren't safe anymore.
I'll just cook at home.

Scott said...

Try riding a bus...LOL. Everyone wants a FREE ride anymore in one way or another...Merry Christmas Bunni!