Monday, June 13, 2011

Banned In The US

I decided to treat myself the other day to a test drive in a new GMC Delali "Duelly" before the Libs make them extinct.

No, like this one.

The young salesman explained how the gas mileage has improved this year. I told him that I really wasn't concerned about my "carbon footprint", so he proceeded to tell me about the other features. "The seats", he explained, "blow cold air on your butt in the summer and hot air on it in the winter making your ride more comfortable."
I told him that this must be a Conservative truck. He scowled at me and asked what would make me think that.
I told him, "If it was a Liberal truck it would blow smoke up my ass year round."
I had a nice walk back to the showroom.

All this leads me to my point...
Have we all had about enough of "Hide the Weiner"?

Nancy Pelosi first said that it was up to a Congressman's constituents whether he should leave office or not. Now she and Moonbat Debbie Wasserman Schultz have decided that he must leave. The Liberal answer to all of their failings is REHAB, with no real accountability or recompense to anyone once they get out.  
I think that Nancy and Debbie must have seen some of the latest racier photos. I would be very leery of entering the Congressional gymnasium and workout room myself. I thought the image of Rahm Emanuel "poking" his way around in there was bad enough! 

All this hype on the Left defending Weiner, Clinton, Spitzer and others just more smoke up our butts. And the feigned outrage along with the calls for his resignation are just the same thing. We can believe nothing we hear from the Left. This UGLY LITTLE MAN is (as Rush put it) the perfect poster child for Liberal family values and Democrat morality.  
I want Weiner to hang on to the bitter end, spewing his lies and elitist hatred wherever he goes.
I will not waste any more of my precious time or blog space on this non-issue.  



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sounds great for butts everywhere. What in the world are you going to tow with that thing, the Silver Dome?

Scott said...

I think I might be moving---MY HOUSE--or maybe I'll be doing some plowing--I don't know.

Mark Adams said...

LOL Love it "Must be a Conservative truck" H&LL yes, especially the custom two at the top.
Agree, the tweeter wiener is getting old, but it is fun watching the liberals continually 'exposing themselves' over this DNC underwear bummer.