Friday, June 10, 2011

I Got Those Apolitical Herman Cain BLUES

You Said What Herman?

Herman Cain SAID THIS ON CNN concerning States' rights to control guns, just after saying he was a Second Ammendment guy. I have been reviewing his history with the FED. I have seen his disjointed response to the issue of Israel accepting returning Palestinian refugees. 
I wish to thank Trestin Meacham / Don't Tread On Us for giving me a wake up call on Cain. I have reconsidered my stance and I WAS WRONG to support him even with the knowledge that I had obtained AFTER LISTENING TO HIM ON THE RADIO FOR TWO OR THREE YEARS!

This either represents old Herman, or me for being duped by a dupe. I was never thoroughly convinced of his credentials, but I did think that he had more horse sense than to pander to the media and step wrong on such fundamental issues as gun rights.

So here we are---
I am still holding out hope for Rick Santorum and his positive message on SOCIAL AND FISCAL CONSERVATISM and retaking American freedom.
I will always support Sarah Palin, no matter the media bashing and the CLAIMS OF STUPIDITY BY THE USEFUL IDIOTS of both parties.
Michele Bachmann has the guts and the Constitutional message. Her opposition on the Left is substantial and organized however. Can she carry the message beyond the Tea Party? We will see.
Ron Paul must be considered, but may not have the steam in the final laps.

I am afraid that is the extent of my field of choices right now. The rest are RINOS or have no chance of beating Obama. Rick Perry of TX may be the only other holdout who I respect.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I was never in his band wagon. I figured you might notice something along the way. We have so much time to finner it out. Santorum and Palin are my favorites. The left really fears Palin, and that is a great reason to support her. I just hope she can survive the media onslaught. I heard Santorum on Rush's show the other day, and what's not to like.

Scott said...

I heard that show as well. A very strong conviction in that man! NO FEAR as well.