Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mob Heritage Week

Today, and all week here is Steubenville, OH we celebrate The Greek Festival and the Dean Martin Festival as well. I do not decry our famous son or his storied past. Any one who denies that "The Rat Pack" were made men is kidding himself.

 Quite the opposite; I applaud his tenacity and savy in making it as far as he did in this world. I love this clip of him with John Wayne.

I would however like to remind all Americans of the "Ganster American" image we project as I have been raised in the shadow of the Mob for many years.

Jimmie (The Greek) Snyder, of gambling fame, is from Steubenville, OH.
The Dean Martin celebration continues tonight in the only bar/ betting parlor left in town----SHHH---Did I say that? Oh well, there are other non-Mob related parlors I can still visit locally. I may live through the night to patronize some of them again. "The Rat Pack Revival" is there tonight as well as the musical stylings of Deana Martin--Gaggg'.

Lou Martini Jr. of The Sopranos is the guest host of the event. Very fitting indeed. My sister, who works for the DHS, was at the trial of Tony Soprano---the "real" mobster who Tony was based on.

Bruno Sammartino, "Wrestling's Living Legend" with a legendary Italian background,  is the Grand Marshal of the Dean Martin Parade.
But let us not forget the Mob stars of the near and distant past here in Steubenville---

John Dillinger was pinned down by the FBI in The Imperial Hotel on 6th street here in town. According to eyewitness reports, he was ushered out of the hotel via a secret exit and out of town by---well "unnamed local Mobsters" just as the Feds opened up with their machine guns on his room. I have personally seen the bullet holes in his room before the hotel was demolished.
The story is true. I have vetted it.

And who can forget one of our town's most famous "whores" Traci Lords!---I do not disparage---Some of my best friends are good whores--LOL.

I could continue with the sordid details of my "Little Chicago", but as I said, I may wish to see another sunrise.



LL said...

Cool post!

May you never sleep with the fishes...

Scott said...

Amen--but I shall always speak truth to power--even in this corrupt little "ville".