Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Here's one for the Socialist playbooks.
A farmer south of Montreal had his land completely flooded out recently as did many in our own Midwest. Here is government run amok and coming soon to a farm near you! 

The man tried to remove the carp that had invaded his property during the flood. The Canadian Leftists (at the time---Some Canucks have woken up during the recent elections---Hurray for them!) These authorities in charge of environment and habitat told the farmer that he had to get a fishing licence to remove the fish. He and his father had been fined a few years back for violating the regulation concerning fish removal. This time he was told that he would Be fined $150,000.00  for taking fish from his own land. In order to comply with the eco-moonbat regs. the farmer must capture the fish humanely and transport them away in water filled tankers without harming them. He must also capture an equal numbers of males and females. If any die in transport he must bury them.
Of course; when confronted with what is seemingly a ludicrous and draconian use of regulation; the eco-fascists circled their wagons and stated that the law was being implemented to "protect the farmers" from being fined.
Oppressive and authoritarian rule is always meant for the "good of the people", as we have always been "taught".

Hat Tip To Quinn

Here is some good ole' boy fishin,music to sooth and revive the spirit!
All us fishermen need a break after hearing that tall fish tale.
Check out the "audience fisherman in this vid.
Old man gotta bite!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Those greenies need some buck shoot in the ass!

Scott said...

"Fishin' with guns" redneck style! Sounds like fun.