Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yes Mr. President, I Do Want Alligators in My Moat

Even the old RINO McCain stood up the other day in favor of the MOAT.

Appearing at a weekend news conference, Mr. McCain said that illegal immigrants “have set fires because they wanted to signal others …. and they have set fires because they wanted to divert law enforcement agencies.”
On Tuesday, Mr. McCain said in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show he was “puzzled” by the firestorm that has erupted after his remarks.
“We know that people who come across our border illegally … that these fires are sometimes, some of them, caused by this,” he said. Mr. McCain added, “I’m puzzled … that there should be any controversy.” He said he was merely repeating information he’d been given during a briefing with federal officials, including the U.S. Forest Service, before he appeared at the news conference.

In this ARTICLE in The American Thinker we hear the old tried and false political rhetoric emitting from The Dear Leader. We see now that BO has instructed ICE to put a hold on all deportation of non-criminal illegal aliens. (A REAL OXYMORON--I KNOW! 
In GA BO has instructed the Justice Dept. to investigate arrests of illegals and one Libtard Judge has slapped an injunction on the implementation of Georgia's new immigration law.

In MO the Demoncat governor has vetoed a bill requiring voters to have valid ID.

JEFFERSON CITY — Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed legislation Friday that could have required voters to show photo identification and could have created an early-voting period in Missouri.
Nixon said he spiked the bill because it could have made it harder to vote for seniors and the disabled, whom Nixon said are less likely to have a driver's license or other government-issued photo ID card.
"It is unacceptable to impede or discourage citizens from voting who have lawfully cast ballots their entire adult lives," Nixon said in a veto message to lawmakers.   From

Many voters have cast votes ILLEGALY their entire lives as well Mr. Nixon! At every turn we see Obummer and the Demoncats greasing the skids (excuse the pun) for illegal voter fraud to continue unabated in 2012.

 I want my moat! We will put warning signs up of course.

                   All illegals move to the side of the road!

             You can ring all you want but you can't come in!

My girls ride shotgun on this range!

                        Beware of idiots in the gator tanks!

Border is not wheelchair accessable!


Supi said...

Gators have a right to live in a moat!

Scott said...

Let,s create a SAVE THE GATORS movement!