Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Product I Want To Sell To The Government

"What price security?", you ask.
Well, last night on C-Span I saw to what lengths the Demoncats will go to spend your money on waste and corruption.

The Obummer hot air machine was running full steam as your representatives tried to push through language in the Homeland Security appropriations bill that mandated everything from global warming studies for border control, Executive Order compliance with Union contracts, and "immigrant integration" funding. The Dems. are crying that  their districts aren't getting enough of the "pie".
One Ohio Congresswoman complained that Cleveland would be put at risk of a terrorist attack under the current "rules of redistribution". I live near Cleveland and I personally wouldn't mind too awfully much if Lefties "Extremis" Sherrod Brown and Dennis Kusinich went down with their failed Democrat model city.
 Oh, my--There I go being divisive and non-PC again.
Well, here is my point--I deserve a break too. I have been working real hard on this new energy saving national security thingamgiggy---  
 I want to sell this new technology to the DHS as well----

This monstrous bureaucratic machine known as DHS has become home to every special interest device known to the Statist. Funding was proposed as well for a massive land grab by Obama and his Eco-Moonbat base. Every attempt is being made to use the ruse of "Security" in order to strip you of more of your rights, liberties, and YOUR PROPERTY!

Some Republicans are attempting to block these Fascistic measures, but when this bill reaches the Senate much of this language will be changed back to the Demoncat model, and more Obamabucks will be added to the pot---thanks to Bernanke and the FED. Yes we are looking forward to a new infusion of phony capital into the system. This "QE 4"?? could break the camel's back.

I just thought this was an interesting thought at the moment--but back to the facts---

This MONSTER is the real threat and far more dangerous to our sovereignty!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I believe we need to coin a new phrase. We call them "Obama Bucks", they're just as worthless as he is.

Scott said...

The "Food Stamp" president!