Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Don't Panic--But Expect Riots"

The latest to leave Obummer's sinking Kaynesian economic boat is Alan Goolsby. Just after touting a plan for ANOTHER stimulis plan on national media, Goolsby decided to go back to teaching young minds full of mush in Chicago.
Jay Carney was asked yesterday about Obummer's latest failure to get another appointee confirmed, as Federal Reserve appointee Peter Diamond has failed to pass muster in the Senate.
Carney replied that the system was broken and when asked about future considerations for appointments he replied--"We do not set the Congressional schedule--REGRETTABLY."
This is just another example of this elitest aristocratic regime wishinh it could install any and all of it's sycophantic Moonbats without any oversight whatsoever. In a post two months ago I warned of a "bipartisan"effort to install every presidential appointee on HIS list without any Senate vote at all.
Damn the Constitution and full speed ahead!

Yesterday our Dear Leader reminded us that Bush did it, and warned us not to panic as the economy continues to tank under his watch. "This is only a bump in the road that even a Jeep Wrangler would have trouble with." spake the One--or some such drivel.
Now we see that James Carville, Demoncat Moonbat genius that he is, has declared there will be riots if the economy does not recover this year and Obama is not re-elected.

We must remind ourselves at every juncture what the racial repurcussions will be if we do not support the One.

DC 1968

The LA riots.

All random violence will be blamed on the Right, even when committed by illegal immigrants or our normal thugs in the streets.
You better give the "Gimme's" what they want or you will suffer the consequences!

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