Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let Me Skool Ya'

The Police State and The Divine Right of the Bureaucrat

Link to one of my followers and thanks to Mark Levin you will see what your "Regulators" are doing behind the scenes and under the radar. The Inspector General of the Dept. of Education has a SWAT team at his disposal to break down your doors with his own authority, with a warrant issued by HIM. I know that the Dept. of the Interior has similar forces as part of the Dept. of Game and Fisheries. They have kicked in the doors of registered gun owners in Texas who have bought more than two guns in one month. This is an extension of Project Gunrunner" and as Sen'or Obama has said "I am working on gun control regulation under the radar".
But for his own Cabinet Bureaucrats, I presume that there are no such firearms restrictions.

I commented several months back that the DOE has ordered assault rifles and sniper rifles for their own use. Now we know that they intend to use their own thug force to collect on supposed loan defaulters, as this man (seen below) discovered recently when the "education police" showed up at his door.
As Levin posed the question on last night's show; "What other agencies have their own personal unaccountable SWAT teams at their disposal?"

I want my own sniper team and assault force!
For self defense purposes of course.
I have been training a few "hand picked" recruits as seen here---

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