Friday, June 10, 2011

I Hear The Weasel Words Again

Yesterday, Obummer signed another Executive Order creating a White House Council / Czar on Rural issues. In the speeches following the signing the air was full of the smell of weasels and their yipes could be heard all over the countryside. As seen here, weasels are one of the most dangerous and destructive species when loosed upon rural communities...LOL

Ken Salazar, savior of the environment and all things green, touted this new bureaucratic and regulatory executive position in his statements to the press yesterday. He went on at some length about his visits to the "Indian Territories" recently.
In other statements references were made to a new focus on "leveraging resources" to create "sustainable" rural communities using renewable fuels, the broadband, and social networking to implement "cooperation and coordination with investment in science and innovation and access to federal loans among rural regions--meaning handouts to chosen groups, oppressed minorities, Native Americans and Latinos.  (THIS ORDER IS FULL OF COMMUNITY ORGANIZER COMMUNIST BUZZWORDS / WEASELWORDS) 
The order, viewable on the White House website is just packed with vague language which can be manipulated in whatever fashion this council sees fit. As with other orders of this sort, all federal agencies are to cooperate fully with this council (as outlined in this White House posting).
There were also references yesterday to the use of the Federal Parks Commission in what appears to be another federal land grab.
These mounting Executive Orders pose one of the greatest threats to our freedom that this nation has ever faced!

Would you let this man run your farm?


innominatus said...

Actually, if I had a farm I'd let barry run it. Within 5 minutes he'd be crying about the blisters on his hands and I'd get a good laugh out of it.

Scott said...

BO would never have survived working on my grandfather's farm. Could you see old wimpy loading heavy, tight packed bales of hay into the barn three stories up. How about heaving a quarter of beef onto his shoulder and toting it off to be cut into steaks. I did these things when I was 10.