Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The FCC Will Get You Someday

I watched FCC Commissar Demoncat Michael Copps speaking last weekend after the FCC published it's RECOMMENDATIONS for finally disposing of the remaining Fairness Doctrine regulations after all these years. What scares me though is what remains beneath the surface under the guise of media diversity, diversity in ownership, localism, media "justice","disclosure".
Copps stated that "We must sustain our democracy with new federal guidelines and FCC regulation. There is a real urgency to implement these new rules and recommendations by the end of the year." I am sure there is (to him and the majority (D's on the commission). Obummer will be in full campaign mode by then and there will be little coverage of Big Brother regulating away your First Ammendment rights.
"The free and open internet is not always as useful as it seems, and can sometimes be dangerous.", Copps claims.
In closing, he added, "This is of extreme importance to me. I will continue to call for these regulatory changes for months; years if necessary!"
Copps called for nationwide hearings and discussions on how to implement his recommendations.
The only Republican Commissioner out of four Robert McDowell tried to inform and calm the fears of the worried masses by stating that these are only recommendations and have not been mandated yet.
This danger will exist as long as these Leftist bureaucratic "Mall Guards" ;as I call them; remain in power. This type of demagogue never quits. They will continue to work under the radar to destroy our liberties once and for all.
Copps even admits that!

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