Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Amish Gang Activity

I have lived near the Amish in several locations throughout this area that I call home. I have done business with them and always have had the utmost respect. Last week I learned of the following story and was neglectful in not reporting on what has now become a national headline...Huff Post. I have waited until now and the perps in this crime have been arrested. I have no commentary other than to say that THUGGERY IS THUGGERY no matter the guise it comes under.
I refuse to demonize any religion, but there are disturbing revelations behind this ongoing inter-faith violence. This Amish gang confrontation is not a new issue around here.

WTRF - An inter-Amish squabble in eastern Ohio has led men and sometimes women in the religious group attack to fellow Amish, cutting off their hair and beards in an apparent feud over spiritual differences, a sheriff said Thursday.

A group of families disavowed by mainstream Amish have, in recent weeks, cut the beards off men and the hair off a half-dozen or more men and women, Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said. He said the acts apparently were meant to be degrading.
Sheriff Fred Abdalla says "bizarre" case now being investigated.

STEUBENVILLE --  Police say it's one of the most bizarre crimes they've ever experienced.
A gang of Amish members, dragging other Amish, out of their homes, and they cutting their hair with scissors. It's allegedly been happening all week.
As a result, the Jefferson County Sherriffs department arrested four Amish people living in Bergheltz Friday.
They are charged with kidnapping and burglary and are under $250,000 bond, each. These were warrants out of Holmes County.
Arrested in Jefferson County were Levi Miller, Lester Miller, Johnny Mullet and Lester Mullet They will have an extradition hearing on Tuesday to see if they will face charges in Holmes County. We're told, additional arrests are pending...More News Here


Gorges Smythe said...

I've never had any more respect for the Amish than for any other group of Christians trying to do what's right. Being human, they're bound to have the same percentage of gossips, trouble-makers and perverts as the next group. You'll also notice that you'll hear about more shunnings due to breaking church rules than for commiting actual sins. I just enjoy traveling in their areas for the touch of the old days that their presence brings.

Scott said...

As I do...and I agree...they have the same things to deal with as does any member of society.