Monday, October 17, 2011

Oldest Moonbat Walking... Piven Speaks at Christian College

Frances Fox Piven had never been to a Christian college before she gave Tuesday’s lecture at Messiah College.

Penn Live...And judging from the eye-rolling and snickering from many middle-aged attendees and some students, Piven’s audience didn’t agree that they shared common ground.
Piven declared the Tea Party to be a (partially) racist movement, and said that they can't stand to have a black president. The audience responded with disgust.
One attendee said, "If Obama adhered to the Constitution we would not care what color he was."

Piven asked if "you people" are all Tea Partiers. Most responded with applause.
She then drew back in her rhetoric somewhat.

“The tea party is an authentic movement. It’s certainly not my movement. I hope it will not be the only important movement in American society,” Piven said.

When Piven’s visit drew negative reaction on social media sites, Messiah countered that students would benefit from another view and would get a chance to exercise civil disagreement.

Glenn Beck has taken to calling called her “an enemy of the Constitution.” He blasted Piven for calling on unemployed workers to stage protests on the scale of riots that shook Greece last year.

Messiah student Phil Strunk asked Piven to explain herself.

“It kind of sounded like a declaration of violence to me,” Strunk said.

“I believe in nonviolence. I don’t think that breaking a glass window is the worst crime in the world. But I’m against it ... because people will say, ‘Violence, violence, violence,’ and ignore the violence on the street, of [people] losing their homes, being hungry,” Piven said.

Morgan Lee, another Messiah student, asked Piven if she believed that briefly stated political theories argued online have permanently replaced “full, fleshed-out arguments.”

Piven said they are a significant challenge to democracy....Read More... See Video Here

This "outreach" to a Secular Humanist by a local Christian school is beyond the pale as far as I am concerned.

This infiltration of Marxist philosophy runs VERY deep in our society.


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