Thursday, October 27, 2011

Class Envy Is A Sin...Revisited

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) took direct aim at President Barack Obama in a speech Wednesday morning, accusing him of “preying on the emotions of fear, envy and resentment” as he travels the country to sell his jobs plan.

In a speech at the Heritage Foundation, Ryan said Obama’s method of rallying public support for his $447 billion jobs package was “sowing social unrest and class resentment” and could be “just as damaging as his misguided policies.”

“Instead of working together where we agree, the president has opted for divisive rhetoric and the broken politics of the past,” Ryan said.

“He is going from town to town, impugning the motives of Republicans, setting up straw men and scapegoats, and engaging in intellectually lazy arguments, as he tries to build support for punitive tax hikes on job creators.”

Ryan accused Obama of using “class-based rhetoric” in his re-election campaign. Obama’s tactics, he said, make “America weaker, not stronger.”...See Paul Ryan's presentation here

Read more: Politico, via The Blaze

Another French Revolution Anyone?

Now for the MOONBAT Ed Schultz opposing view...

On Wednesday night’s Ed Show, host Ed Schultz and his guest decided to go for some very dramatic digs at Rep. Paul Ryan, accusing the congressman of “inciting civil war".

“ Schultz also suggested that Republicans might ”want violence to take place in our society.”

To add fuel to the conflagration, former Florida congressman Alan Grayson chimed in with his thoughts, calling Ryan and Republicans “the real killers,” like… O.J. Simpson.

Newsbusters provides the clip:


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