Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The "GOP FAIL" Plan

My vote goes for that can of tuna-fish over there...

Michelle Malkin...To be fair, if you and I had to be up on stage with Charlie Rose and Karen Tumulty, we’d be soporifically stupefied after a few minutes, too.

But then again, we’re not running for the highest office in the land and raising millions of dollars from people across the country who are counting on a candidate with the guts, gall, and gumption to take on Barack Obama.

By those basic measures of fitness for office, Rick Perry once again failed to deliver. He was languid. Passive. Half-hearted. Listless. Just like he was during the 9/23 debate.

Fail. Texas-sized fail.

The knives didn’t really come out for Herman Cain, whose most serious wound was self-inflicted. Bachmann made a good point about his 9-9-9 plan paving the way for a national sales tax/VAT. Santorum barked about it for a few minutes, too.

But then, the real stumble: Asked to endorse a candidate for the Federal Reserve, Cain chose his old friend Alan Greenspan.

I’ll agree with Ron Paul on this much: Greenspan was a disaster.
What the….????

Michele Bachmann did best attacking Medicare/Obamacare bureaucracies and, like Cain, looked to be angling for a VP slot.

Newt was Newt. Rick Santorum mostly watched, then piped up for a few seconds to complain about not having enough time.

As for that squishy liberal tan guy from Utah, my mute button got a workout with all of the time he received from Charlie Rose and the No Labels sympathizers. I’m renaming my mute button the “Huntsman button.”

And Romney? Ugh. Main takeaway: He defended TARP — echoed by Cain — and refused to say he would oppose the next massive bailout to come along when another manufactured crisis hits. More of the same old big biz/big government corporatism.

The inconvenient truth I’ve pointed out since GW Bush sold out the free market to save it and pre-socialized the economy for Obama is that TARP is ideological quicksand for almost every Beltway Republican. That’s why the Tea Party movement was born in the first place. Let’s not forget it.

Big winner: Barack Obama.

Big loser: Taxpayers.

Runner-up loser: Bloomberg TV’s livestream. Suckage.

Worst mangling of English language: Perry’s use of the bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo “impactful.”


Damn, it’s a long road to 2012....Read The Whole Story

This is why I give ANY candidate my support reluctantly and with a grain of salt!

Herman Cain lies to Ron Paul concerning the FED...

Word to Rick Perry: Nytol will help you get your zzzz’s, but if it’s this draining for you at the primary election stage, maybe this dog ain’t huntin’.

If you can’t convince rank-and-file conservatives you have the gas, pull over and let someone else drive. We tried a GOP candidate running on half a tank in 2008. 
 Don’t need a repeat of that disaster.

H/T to Frankenstein Government


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That top cartoon nails it.

Scott said...

It looks like Obama / Chickago lingo turned GOP lite.