Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Funnies And Halloween Treats

Underwater Walmart Shoppers?

Rocky The Flying Squirrel

Halloween Witch Cat Says...

The worst restaurants in NYC

OWS trick monkey says...

Gimme what you got...I WANT MINES NOW!!!

Hey folks, the stock market is up!
The bad news...The reason for the market uptick is that oil prices are down due to THE GLOBAL RECESSION. The good news...They are happy now that Europe is printing money to cook their books just as Obama and Bernanke have done. YEAAA! The bad news...Unless Congress stops this practice YOU the American taxpayer will be on the hook through the IMF for the lion's share of the Greek debt  / Euro bank Bailout...OOO>>>BURNED AGAIN>>>

Bye for now...Be safe...
Thousands of crackheads are being released nationwide by the Justice Dept. on 11-1-11!

Have Happy Halloween Pumpkins Baby!

Tricks by Liberal Guy is a great Halloween costume for you!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Happy Halloween Scott. I stole your Transgender sign photo. You just never know when something like that could come in handy.

Scott said...

You said it Odie...get my best stuff that way...mostly.