Monday, October 24, 2011

When Animals Collide (A Parody)

Once upon a time a group of GOP candidates came in off the campaign trail hot, tired, and thirsty. They searched out a place called "Media Stream" to satisfy their thirst for exposure. One by one they all mysteriously disappeared...never to be seen again.
Then one day, a leading female; the strongest among them; came down to Media Stream. She calmly went about her business when suddenly she was attacked by one of the sneaky bottom dwelling media crocs that dwell there. This time the "Gotcha" expert got more than he had counted on. Instead of meekly going down under his relentless attack, this exceptional mother took this thug on face to face. He was soundly whipped and crushed at the bottom of his own stream!

Soon the DNC hacks got wind of the GOP's animalistic victory over one of their own. They immediately went about braying over the GOP's excessive use of force and called for the candidate's immediate withdrawl.

This time the individual in question refused to back down. I believe that you will see more of her and her companions at Media Stream in the very near future. Hopefully the next time they will be better prepared for what awaits them there!

Coming soon...Cat fight at the chicken coop...

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