Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here Come The Propagandists

The Obama media spin doctors have descended on flyover country with a vengeance. Last night on ABC News (video included) the focus was on my city of Steubenville.

ABC..."Steubenville, Ohio, may not look like a city sitting on a multi-billion dollar industry. Unemployment here reached 15 percent in 2010, and a now-shuttered steel mill -- which was once the lifeline of the Steubenville economy -- is now just a painful reminder of what used to be. "

Incedentally, the steel mils were bought out by Russian, Danish, German and other foreign interests (Mittal and Severstal) over the past several years with the promise that they would be restarted. This promise was never kept.

We were portrayed by ABC as a new "BOOMTOWN" due to the Marcellus shale industry offering opportunities in the area.
There has been a major push by the "big four" media outlets of late to paint a phony image of success in middle American cities.
This series of programs will continue to portray these images of great progress made nationwide by the Obama regime.

Let me give you a little "man on the street" first hand information from this "Lil Chickago" of mine. ABC stated that Steubenville has recovered from an abysmal unemployment figure at a rate faster than any urban center in America. Well, when you are at the bottom of the totem pole nationwide, you have nowhere to go but up!

While some recovery has occurred, most of the jobs that have been created in this valley are temporary labor positions paying less than minimum wage.

The truth is that most people around here have stopped looking for work. The Urban Mission where I volunteer has been distributing food aid at the rate of 2500 families a month...and that is just one such agency in the valley.

The Marcellus drilling jobs are going to be slow to appear here due to an ongoing battle by the Leftist environmental goonies and their lawyers attemting to stop all development. This has halted any progress until now when we have a Republican Governor and a majority in the State House and Senate. This will continue to be an uphill battle however. The roadblocks that have been erected limiting Marcellus development are many and there is an army of opponents in our way.

I am sick and disgusted with this ongoing distortion of our situation here in the central region of our nation. Any progress and future development is not due to administration efforts but IN SPITE OF THEM.

I cannot stand to watch this despot  and listen to his lies day after day. However, just to illustrate my point...turn off the sound if you wish...and observe how he deceives the "useful American idiots".  He is not even at a GM factory. He is sitting in front of a green screen after serving Japanese food to President Lee of South Korea at a White House dinner.

In a completely unrelated local story...You must see this!

CBS News...ZANESVILLE, Ohio - Dozens of animals escaped Tuesday from a wild-animal preserve that houses bears, big cats and other beasts, and the owner later was found dead there, said police, who shot several of the animals and urged nearby residents to stay indoors.

As a result of the breakout, several schools near the preserve have canceled classes Wednesday, reports CBS 10-TV.

The fences had been left unsecured at the Muskingum County Animal Farm in Zanesville, in east-central Ohio, and the animals' cages were open, police said. They wouldn't say what animals escaped but said the preserve had lions, tigers, cheetahs, wolves, giraffes, camels and bears. They said bears and wolves were among 25 escaped animals that had been shot and killed and there were multiple sightings of exotic animals along a nearby highway...Read More

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