Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Need More Grenade

Examiner.com...As if the Justice Department did not have enough problems as their scheme to place assault weapons in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels continues to unravel, it has now been reported that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) sat by and watched as thousands of grenades were smuggled into Mexico as well.

According to law enforcement sources, suspected weapons dealer Jean Baptiste Kingery, smuggled parts for as many as 2,000 grenades into Mexico under the direct watch of the ATF. While the suspect should have been prosecuted on at least two separate occasions, federal prosecutors refused to do so.

Attkisson reports:
-In January 2010, ATF agents simply sat by and watched as Kingery purchased 50 grenade bodies and headed across the border into Mexico.

-In July 2010, Kingery was apprehended as he tried to cross into Mexico with 114 disassembled grenades hidden inside a tire. However, U.S. prosecutors ordered his release.

-In August 2011, Mexican law enforcement raided Kingery's storage facility and factory, uncovering enough materials for 1,000 grenades. He was charged with trafficking and reportedly admitted to making grenades, as well as teaching cartel operatives how to assemble the grenades themselves.

As for the prosecutors who refused to bring a case against Kingery…U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke just resigned and his assistant, Emory Hurley, was recently transferred. Both have refused comment.

In recent years, grenade attacks have become a common tactic for the warring cartels...Read More

In a related story...

High-powered assault weapons illegally purchased under the ATF's Fast and Furious program in Phoenix ended up in a home belonging to the purported top Sinaloa cartel enforcer in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, whose organization was terrorizing that city with the worst violence in the Mexican drug wars.

In all, 100 assault weapons acquired under Fast and Furious were transported 350 miles from Phoenix to El Paso, making that West Texas city a central hub for gun traffickers. Forty of the weapons made it across the border and into the arsenal of Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo, a feared cartel leader in Ciudad Juarez, according to federal court records and trace documents from the
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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