Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Britania Rules The Waves...almost

As we see above...the Brits and the US elite are celebrating today as another shipload of silver has been found off the coast of Ireland.

BBC...A ship torpedoed during World War I while carrying a shipment of silver has been discovered 2,500m beneath the surface of the North Atlantic.

The SS Mantola sank in 1917, after being hit by German submarine U-81.

US firm Odyssey Marine Exploration located it off the south west coast of the Republic of Ireland, about 100 miles (160km) from where it found the SS Gairsoppa shipwreck last month.

It is estimated the Mantola is carrying more than 600,000 ounces of silver.
The silver would be worth about £12m at current market values...Read More

Last month the first ship was found...

ABC News...The wreck of a World War II cargo ship containing more than $200 million worth of silver has been discovered deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

The British-flagged merchant ship SS Gairsoppa was sunk by a German U-boat as it headed for the Irish port of Galway in 1941.

 Under the terms of a contract with the US government, the company will retain 80 per cent of the cargo's value. That could be about $160 million for Odyssey Marine.

"We have an exclusive salvage agreement whereby we took all of the risk to go out and find this shipwreck and we'll end up with 80 per cent of the net salved value, so the net value of what we salvaged from the wreck," Mr Gordon said.

"It's not a bad day at the office. Our shareholders have been good enough to support this cause and they're due a payday, so hopefully this will be one of those."...More Pics

Well, as we all know, the ARISTOCRACY sure knows how to party and waste their money.

The US will recieve a hefty piece of this haul however, and I expect a court battle to ensue over the proceeds of this treasure hunt.

When it is all said and done, the biggest law firms will divide the spoils, and after taxes, the Government will walk away with over 60% of any proceeds...after the legal gangstas get their BITE!

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