Monday, October 31, 2011

Freedom Of Speech Denied

onenewsnow...In May 2011, a group of pro-lifers traveled to Jackson Hole for a week of protests at the only remaining abortion clinic in the state. The group planned a final demonstration at a local Elk Fest.

Pastor Mark Holick of Spirit One Christian Ministries explains: “They got a judge to sign a restraining order against us saying that we couldn't do any pro-life activities or hold signs or pass out flyers or preach about abortion down at this festival that was on a public square.”

Holick and Pastor Chet Gallagher were both arrested and later released. Since then, authorities have dropped the charges. Holick says that is a method too often used to halt free speech.

“It's one of the tools that cities will use if they don't like what you're doing -- if they don't like your message -- then they all get a restraining order or threaten with arrest and then of course that gets you out of there for that day when they have their special event,” says Holick. “Then once it's all over, six months later they'll say 'Oh never mind' and then drop the charges.”

Holick contends that the protesters' constitutional rights to free speech have been violated. Court action against Jackson Hole is being considered...Via iowntheworld

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