Thursday, October 13, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates US Government

Following the Arab Spring, which has led to intense turmoil as well as the uprooting of governmental structures in the Middle East, the Brotherhood has purportedly used unrest to gain precedence in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Jordan. In his report, Stakelbeck discussed the notion that America is on the list of governmental targets that the Islamist group seeks to infiltrate.
Former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo explains that the Brotherhood is already ensuring that its influence and power seeps into American government. ”Their goal is primarily deception, manipulation and intelligence gathering,” Guandolo says. He continues:
“What we’re seeing not just inside the White House, but inside the government entities, the national security entities, the State Department — is a strong push by the Muslim Brotherhood to get their people not just into operational positions, but policy positions — deeper, long term, bureaucratic positions.”

According to Guandalo, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is one of the operatives working here in America. As Stakelbeck reports:
In 2007, ISNA was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history.
Likewise, the FBI has uncovered internal Muslim Brotherhood documents naming ISNA as “one of our organizations and the organizations of our friends.”
If true, this would certainly be concerning. At his inauguration, President Barack Obama asked former ISNA president Ingrid Mattson to deliver a prayer. Additionally, at a recent White House dinner, Stakelbeck writes that the current head of ISNA, Mohammed Majid, sat only feet away from the president. Oddly, Patrick Poole of Pajamas Media claims that Majid’s name was subsequently missing from the White House list of attendees.
CBN and Stakelbeck have covered the Brotherhood and its thirst for power before. Last month, the network did a special, which included interviews with both Guandolo and Poole.

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