Friday, November 18, 2011

Ahhh, The Leftie Holiday Season Begins

In an incident that North Carolina authorities are calling a serious hate crime, a number of churches in three local counties have been vandalized. On Sunday night, alone, eight churches were targeted. The criminals responsible for the acts spray-painted messages of hate on the outside of the houses of worship and even broke into one of the churches.

While most of the damage was inflicted on the buildings’ exterior, Cedar Hill AME Zion Church in Ansonville, North Carolina, withstood major damage after vandals broke into the house of worship.

Tables were overturned, a fire extinguisher was sprayed in the sanctuary and chairs were thrown through stained glass. But the horror doesn’t end there. A cross was taken down and partially burned and someone apparently defecated on the church’s altar...Video Here

If that weren’t disturbing enough, cleanup crews realized that a child‘s tombstone had been dug up from the church’s historic slave cemetery and had subsequently been thrown through a window.

On the outside of Cedar Hills, messages like, “God is the devil” and “Go back to Africa” could be seen. In other places, swastikas, racial slurs and male genitalia were present.

“I’ve only seen this kind of hatred in the movies. Whoever did this has a lot of pain (and) is in a lot of anger,” said Rev. Renee Bethea. “It’s unfathomable that someone has that kind of rage in them to go into a church and do this kind of thing.”...More at The Blaze

The annual Islamic attack on Christians has begun as well.

Sadly, these executions are an everyday part of life for Christians in Pakistan.
Karachi (AsiaNews) — Rev Jameel Sawan, from Quetta, was gunned down in Karachi in what appears to be an ambush. The Protestant clergyman was a close aide to Saleem Khurshid Khokhar, president of the Sindh branch of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) as well as a Sindh provincial lawmaker who sat in the assembly’s standing committee for minorities.

Both men had received death threats because of their fight for minority rights and support for the policies undertaken by Shahbaz Bhatti. Pakistan’s late Minorities minister who was slain on 2 March.

Despite the threats, the authorities and law enforcement had failed to provide the two men with protection and a police escort. Now investigators have to determine whether the murder was motivated by religion or personal disputes.

Yesterday, Rev Sawan was coming home from a prayer service. He was stopped by three armed men in the town of Aziz. After talking to him, they opened fire killing him on the spot.

The assassination of the Christian clergyman comes a few days after the killing of three Hindu doctors from Shikarpur and the abduction of a Hindu girl in Quetta, Balochistan.

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Gorges Smythe said...

Hell must be a huge place. It would have to be huge to hold what it's going to have to hold.

Scott said...

Man's capacity to destroy and debase his fellow man is seemingly unlimited and ever expanding ( as is hell I presume). His capacity for saving one another remains a rare and wonderous gift...worthy of recognition when we see it.