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Do Democrats Still Support FARC?

LATE LAST YEAR, 16 U.S. congressmen voiced their approval for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Representatives Barney Frank, John Conyers, Chaka Fattah, Jan Schakowsky, Jose Serrano, and others complained in a letter to President Bush that the United States was not adequately protecting Chavez against a groundswell of internal opposition to his increasingly authoritarian rule--an upsurge that might lead to his ouster. Elected to power in 1998, Lt. Col. Chavez has hijacked democracy in Venezuela and is openly moving the country toward totalitarianism. Beyond Venezuela's borders, he celebrates, protects, and does business with terrorists...Weekly Standard, March 2003

Chavez is angry because some Marxist terrorists he was fond of died in a Colombian raid. You see, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) provided money to the tune of 150,000 dollars to Chavez while he was imprisoned after a failed coup attempt in the early 90's. Their relationship is a cozy one, and now that he has power, he has become their benefactor, earning the affectionate code name of "angel," and funneling millions of oil dollars into their revolutionary coffers.

Colombia, a nation long suffering the depredations of this vicious Marxist narco-terrorist gang, struck out successfully at some of its leaders, harbored in neighboring Ecuador. They were able to kill Raul Reyes, the number two military commander of FARC, a man with the blood of an untold number of innocents on his hands.
The FARC is not a liberation movement, nor are they "Freedom Fighters." They are nothing more than smugglers, bandits and thieves whose modus operandi uses bombings, assassination, cocaine trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, hijacking and terror. FARC has its ideological roots in the Marxist revolutions that gave us the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Sendero Luminoso in Peru and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. To understand the meaning of the word evil, merely glance at the history of these groups.

With the help of Chavez, FARC is attempting to legitimize and mainstream itself, much as the genocidal PLO transformed, with the aid of useful idiots like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, from criminal terrorists to pseudo-statesmen. Democrats in Congress, succumbing to lobbying from FARC sympathizers and Marxist apologists, are stalling military aid and a free trade agreement. Undermining a close ally, in a despicable attempt to undermine President Bush and any success he might claim in South America. The Colombian people be damned, and the consequences, well, when are they ever a concern? The long view is an anathema to the left.
Found on a laptop in the terrorist camp and released by Colombian security services, a series of letters between FARC hierarchies confirms the substantial support of FARC by Hugo Chavez. A passage from one letter is particularly troubling:
"The gringos will ask for an appointment with the minister to solicit him to communicate to us his interest in discussing these topics. They say that the new president of their country will be Obama and that they are interested in your compatriots. Obama will not support "Plan Colombia" nor will he sign the TLC (Colombian Free Trade agreement). Here we responded that we are interested in relations with all governments in equality of conditions and that in the case of the US it is required a public pronouncement expressing their interest in talking with the FARC given their eternal war against us." Raul Reyes, FARC Terrorist Commander
Some very foolish and self-important persons feel they can represent themselves as emissaries of a new US administration to the despots and terrorist groups in South America. They may or may not have been speaking with Obama's blessing. That they talked to FARC at all, and it is not loudly condemned, is chilling. The US has had several congressional delegations visit the region recently. Who was on them? The arrogance and stupidity of so undermining our elected government boggles the mind. Whether it is visiting terror states with American blood on their hands or treating with murderers who currently hold American hostages, it is the sheerest folly and must be denounced and brought into the light of day...American Thinker, March 2008

In 2008 President Bush proposed a Columbian trade agreement.

The Columbian trade agreement remains a long shot, because of opposition by American labor unions, Democratic leaders in Congress and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee...NY Times, July 2008 several Democrat representatives opposed the recently passed Columbian trade agreement on the basis of alleged human rights violations by the Columbian military. South Carolina's two senators, Republicans Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint, and GOP Rep. Tim Scott voted for all three deals. Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-Columbia, rejected the Columbia deal but voted for the Korea deal and also for the Panama pact.

I’m sure the Occupiers are holding candlelight vigils tonight.

(Guardian, Nov. 5, 2011) — Colombia’s top rebel leader has been killed in a hail of gunfire near his remote camp in what the government are calling the “most resounding blow” against the guerrilla army known as the Farc in its near 50-year history.
Guillermo León Sáenz, whose nom de guerre was Alfonso Cano, was killed in combat on Friday evening after an air raid earlier in the day on his camp in a remote region of Cauca province in south-west Colombia. Cano, 63, took over the Farc after the death of its legendary leader Manuel Marulanda Vélez in 2008, one of the worst years ever for the group in which it lost three members of its ruling secretariat and was duped into handing over 15 of its hostages.
Cano, a communist youth leader in the late 1960s, was considered a hardline Marxist. During ultimately failed peace talks from 1998 to 2002, he was in charge of the Farc's Bolivarian Movement.

Now he (Eric Holder) could again face tough questions about his involvement in the controversial pardons during his days in the Clinton administration, but another problem is also emerging.His connection to a company with ties to a known terrorist organization during his years in private practice (The AUC and FARC).

Will Eric Holder light a vigil candle too?
’Hannity’ Investigates Shocking New Scandal Involving Eric Holder

Now he (Eric Holder) could again face tough questions about his involvement in the controversial pardons during his days in the Clinton administration, but another problem is also emerging.His connection to a company with ties to a known terrorist organization during his years in private practice (The AUC and FARC).

These are Colombian terrorists. The AUC and FARC are responsible for kidnapping and murdering thousands of Colombians and Americans alike. But lesser known is the trail that leads from these groups to the man who may be our next attorney general.

Three Colombian human rights prosecutors are being investigated for allegedly offering money to witnesses to testify against Colombian Army officials in cases of so-called "false positives," a scandal in which military personnel are accused of disguising deceased civilians to look like terrorists.
The “false positives” scandal rocked the administration of former president Alvaro Uribe in its final years, and cast a shadow over the successes of Colombia’s highly admired armed forces.
Ever since the successes of the Colombian military against the FARC under former president Uribe, many questionable human rights groups have conducted what critics call “judicial warfare” – the use of false allegations, lawsuits and the courts to entangle military officers in endless litigation that effectively removes them from the battlefield without a shot being fired. Uribe, at one point, had even drawn criticism for calling some of Colombia’s questionable human rights groups “defenders of terrorism.”
Many of these ostensible human rights groups have used the “false positives” scandal to enhance their credibility in court cases against members of the military.
RCN News, a Colombian TV station, reported yesterday that a star witness in the case against twelve Colombian soldiers had been paid by human rights prosecutors to testify against them. Recently released audio recordings appear to confirm the allegations...From...America's Forum, May 2011

In cases totaling 700 or more, people who have been presumed to have been killed by Colombian military action have turned up alive. In only two cases were the Colombian authorities found to have been involved in the death of anyone; And in only two cases are the individuals still missing. I guess that if you want to become a successful Colombian drug lord today, or to reap the real profits from one, just go to Columbia University, or Harvard...become a lawyer and you are in the REAL money!
These so called "Human Rights Advocates" funded by liberal groups here in the US have found a lucrative niche in this ongoing war with the narco-terrorists. Where military action is failing, legal intimidation has been successful in removing some of the most successful top military leaders from power.

The Preferred Terrorist
America -- and God Almighty -- are the Main Enemies

The ultimate target of the arms is the United States. The fighting now may be taking place in the jungles of Colombia, or Peru, or in the streets of Mexico - but make no mistake - the profits from the production and sale of illicit drugs goes in large measure to finance the ongoing struggle against the United States.

Revolutionary groups, including the FARC, are already in the U.S. They are already, when possible, speaking quietly to disaffected American youth. The FARC is especially ready to sell both drugs and revolution within the borders of the U.S.

Already U.S. city police are finding it necessary to equip themselves with military assault weapons to counter the fire power of street gangs. The "revolution" has already started.

The relentless propaganda of the Left which lies about the opportunities in America, which paints the United States as a racist nation, which calls for an all-powerful central government, prepares the way for terror and violent revolution.

The lies of the Left should be obvious. Millions come to the United States for just those opportunities that the Left says do not exist.

The people of the United States have always recognized that rights necessarily come from God, from a source beyond government.

The Left despises this concept, because it places limits on their authoritarianism. Leftist regimes always want complete control of the populace, and attempt to either use God for their own purposes or annihilate Him completely from the public's mind.

No individual or ideology, however, can change this basic truth: human rights are absolute only because God is absolute. Politically, philosophically, or theologically, there is no other answer to where human rights originate. What the government does not give, it cannot take away.

Our rights as human beings - which includes the right to live one's life in safety -- come from God. No Leftist leader can change that reality...More at INA Today

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