Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Two days ago I gave you an outline of the upcoming Ohio election in this post on the national referendum. Well the results are in. Ohioans had the opportunity to follow and even expand on the successes in Wisconsin, but instead we decided that we want to be like Michigan.

Guardian...Voters in Ohio have overwhelmingly rejected a law curbing union bargaining rights for public employees, dealing a blow to the Republican establishment in a state that could prove pivotal in deciding the outcome of next year's presidential election.

The vote buoyed Democrats, who are hoping to rebound from their sweeping losses in 2010, though experts agree the economy is still the biggest issue. "If the economy were to turn around in the next year, that's going to matter a lot more than what happens in ballot issues," said one political analyst, Justin Buchler.

Ohio's bill went further than a similar one in Wisconsin by including police officers and firefighters(Republican overreach permitted Democrats to use scare tactics) and was considered by many observers to be a barometer of the national mood on the political conundrum of the day: what is the appropriate size and role of government, and who should pay for it.

Its defeat is anticipated to energise the labour movement, which largely supports the Democrats, ahead of Barack Obama's re-election effort.

The result indicated that voters in the industrial midwest may be growing disenchanted with the Tea Party-backed Republicans voted into office in 2010, who have advocated deep spending cuts and opposed tax increases.

On a separate issue...

Ohio voters also approved a proposal to prohibit people from being required to buy health insurance as part of the national healthcare overhaul supported by Obama. The vote was mostly symbolic but Republicans hope to use it as part of a legal challenge.

I am warning you now folks; If we do not energize our base this coming year the onslaught of the Prog media and massive union / Obama crony funding will drive the agenda. This is just a preview of what all of America will be pitted against. Forewarned is forearmed!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This overwhelmingly proves one thing to me. Voters in Ohio are almost as stupid as California voters. You're catching up.

Scott said...

We always had the stupidest union hack, thug, throwback retards in the land. You guys just surpassed us with sheer numbers and PROGRESS.