Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You WILL Comply

Acting once again without Congress, President Obama on Monday was directing the Food and Drug Administration to take steps to reduce drug shortages that administration officials say have placed patients at risk and led to price gouging.

The president signed an executive order -- his fifth in a week -- instructing the FDA to take action absent congressional approval.

In remarks before he signed the order, Obama said drug shortages have nearly tripled over the past five years while Congress has foundered
"Even though the FDA has successfully prevented an actual crisis, this is one of those slow-rolling problems that could end up resulting in disaster for patients and health care facilities all across the country," he said. "Congress has been trying since February to do something about this. It has not yet been able to get it done.
And it is the belief of this administration ... that we can't wait for action on the Hill."

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