Monday, November 7, 2011

Ohio Vote Is A National Referendum

Tomorrow, 11/8/11 is the day of reckoning for Ohio voters and Public Sector unions. Most analysts agree that it is a referendum on national opinion as well.

Over the past year Gov. Kasich's agenda and the passage of SR 5 limiting union's so called "rights" to negotiate pensions and health care have borne positive results that are ignored by the media entirely. To begin with, Ohio's credit rating has gone up due to the positive outlook for investment here. This also reflects the stabilization of union members' contributions to pension and healthcare plans which controls state revenue outlays to reasonable levels. This has resulted in continuing defecit reductions in Ohio which have not been seen here in many decades.

Just as in Wisconsin, new teacher hiring has increased. Police and fire protection has remained at positive levels. Some layoffs in certain other areas of public employment have occurred, and I applaud the crackdown on nepotism in public sector hiring which has been a mainstay in every local community that I am familiar with.

The unions have been pumping millions of members' dollars as well as taxpayer funds into a fear mongering media campain to oppose referendum Issue 2 which upholds SR 5. Almost all media outlets have fallen in line and come out in support of continued union theivery.

This vote will be close in an off-year election. In opposition to existing law, I do not support this referendum tactic being used to overturn a bill which was passed by a majority of our elected representatives.

We live in a "representative republic" not a "pure democracy".

I would ask that everyone watch the election here tomorrow with renewed interest. What you will see is a decision on not just Issue 2 itself, but concerning the imposition of policy by the union minority (and the entitlement class) over the voting majority in OH which voted in a Conservative Republican House, Senate, and Governor.

What you will see as well may be a  a precursor to the 2012 presidential race. Public sentiment and commitment will be tested here first this fall. In an election which will no doubt see a relatively low turnout, there is an opportunity to gauge the impact we in the Tea Party have had this past year in shaping public sentiment, and what power the unions still have over our electoral system, and the voting public via media indoctrination.

The Dear Leader knows all too well the importance of Ohio as possibly THE KEY swing state. This will also be a test of Obama's influence on the working people in our state, and a referendum on his ever increasing ties to union cronies. Will Ohioans continue to stand up to this ongoing corruption of Democrat public officials, as well as the influence peddling and moneylaundering of the public sector unions? Tomorrow will tell us much.

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