Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pretteh Kitteh Caturday

First, for your Caturday entertainment...the cartoon of the day

Now for the kittehs on parade...

When you spend enough time with them, kittehs are remarkably similar to us hoominz in their character and general makeup. Here are some examples.

There are tricky kittehs

Sweet kittehs

Curious kittehs

Loud mouth kittehs

Fat greedy kittehs

Nosy kittehs

Working kittehs

This one works for Gore

Genius kittehs

Talented kittehs

Scaredeh kittehs

 Just plain strange kittehs

                                      Dangerous mean kittehs

 Very pretty playful kittehs  

Then there are still the dawgs...

Have a nice nite all you good kittehs!

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