Saturday, November 26, 2011

Human Rights For Sub-Humans

Netzai Sandoval, a Mexican human rights lawyer, enters the International Criminal Court (ICC) building to file a complaint with the ICC in The Hague November 25, 2011. Mexican human rights activists want the ICC to investigate President Felipe Calderon, top officials and the country's most-wanted drug trafficker, accusing them of allowing subordinates to kill, torture and kidnap civilians.   Photograph by: Michael Kooren, Reuters

     Last month I posted (Do Democrats Still Support FARC) in which I went into specific detail concerning Eric Holder's involvement with the Columbian narco-terrorists, and that of the Democrat Congress as a whole. In that post I revealed how high priced "human rights" lawyers paid with DRUG / BLOOD MONEY were filing phony claims against the Columbian military. These claims were exposed for the shams that they were, and only one of the firms involved has agreed to pay back some of the millions that it made on these suits.
     Now, it seems that the lawyers with the bloody fists have moved on up into the Mexican legal system. When the cartels face setbacks on the military front and their torture and murderous rampages do not achieve the desired results, thir new tactic is to sue for human rights violations at the Hague.
     I am disgusted by the idea of so-called "international law" (which is an oxymoron at the very least) being used to defend these torturous thugs!

Vancouver Sun
MEXICO CITY - Mexican rights lawyers accused President Felipe Calderon, top officials and drug lords of crimes against humanity and war crimes Friday in a complaint at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Signed by more than 20,000 people, the file accused Calderon and military commanders of failing to prevent hundreds of rights violations by Mexican troops, including torture and extrajudicial killings, under a government crackdown on organized crime.

It also said officials and drug gang leaders had refused to follow the basic protocols of armed conflicts and had conducted a "systematic attack on the civilian population."...Read More

And here is some good news for those of you in the Western Badlands who may want to defend yourselves ON YOUR PUBLIC LANDS.

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration says it will not impose new restrictions on recreational shooting on public lands, a Thanksgiving gift for thousands of gun owners and hunters concerned about a draft plan to limit target shooting near residential areas.
The policy, proposed this summer, could have closed millions of acres of federal land to gun use, a prospect that caused alarm among gun owners, particularly in the West, where target shooting on public land is a longtime tradition. Hunting season for deer and other game begins around Thanksgiving in many states.

Officials said they were trying to ensure public safety in rapidly growing areas of the West, where some residents have clashed with gun owners who use public lands for target practice.
In a memo obtained by The Associated Press, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said his department supports opportunities for hunting, fishing and recreational shooting on federal land.

Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., who had sharply criticized the earlier proposal, said Wednesday he was glad the Obama administration had reversed course.

"But it would be a lot better for everyone if they stopped doing things to restrict gun rights that require them to back off in the first place," said Rehberg, a frequent Obama critic who is challenging incumbent Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., next year.

"One thing is sure: You can't blink with these guys or they'll slip something through," Rehberg added in an email...Read More

And finally a scarrrry thought for today...from Liberal Guy

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