Saturday, November 5, 2011


This is PETMAN

It swings its arms and moves its legs just like the soldiers it is meant to mimic.
The PetMan robot created by Boston Dynamics is designed for military use - but don't expect to see its human-like gait treading across a war zone any time soon.
For now the robot has been designed to act as a walking mannequin to ensure soldiers' chemical warfare suits don't rip.
His energetic 'power walk' and fitness routines are designed to test new uniforms so they don't tear when in the presence of chemical warfare agents.
The company claims Petman is the first human-shaped, human-sized robot that walks like a man. It can hit speeds of 4.4 miles per hour.
PetMan can also do jumping jacks, squat thrusts and press-ups, all without losing his balance.

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His gait is strikingly similar to one cyborg who we are quite familiar with.
Does this type of thing worry anyone even just a little bit?

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