Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OUCH...Chrissie Gets Slammed

Dana Milbank gets his too in this biting satirical review!

iowntheworld...Chris Matthews writes a book where he gets a thrill up his middle leg reminiscing about the good old days when the donkey-faced Kennedy clan ruled Washington like Johnny Friendly. Matthews’ fantasies of Jack and Bobby wearing their sweaty touch-football pullovers as they jackboot political foes is more appropriate fodder for queer dime store pulp novels than scholarly tomes, but Dana Milbank gives it a big thumb (I hope it’s a thumb) up and seconds Chrissy’s emotions.

Chris Matthews

“I’m Queer for Politicians”

In fact, the moronic Milbank takes his idiocy an extra step, a step that sets him off the precipice of Mount Consistency. Milbank forgets that Obama was hailed by the left, Milbank included, as the transformative president who was going to get things done in Washington a new way, the Obama metrosexual way. No more gruff politics as usual for this historic chap., he was going to be transparent, approachable, sensitive and fair. Yet, while reviewing Matthews’ scrapbook of maudlin longing for days gone by, Milbank wishes openly that Obama was more like the old-school thugs. So much for transformation. So much for Milbank credibility. So much for the left being anything other than hoodlums. You can’t change a gangster’s prison stripes.

From Wapo -

Chris Matthews, the voluble host of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” has written a compelling blueprint for President Obama’s reelection. But it doesn’t mention the current president.

Matthews’s new book, “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero,” adds another volume to the already groaning shelf of Kennedy biographies, but this one, happily, isn’t just about Camelot or conspiracies. It’s also about the Machiavellian Kennedy, the political street fighter who with his brother encouraged opponents to believe they were “dangerous enemies” who preferred to be feared rather than loved. “Bobby was the one who’d gained the reputation for ruthlessness,” Matthews writes, “but Jack could be pitiless.”


Thug Democrat = Admirable

Thug Republican = Nazi dictator

HT/ Robert Fine

A man sent a thrill up the leg of Chris Matthews from across the room. In exchange for Matthew’s vote the man promised Matthew’s a laundry list of goodies and whispered, “I’m the one you’ve been waiting for.”

Three years later none off those promises were fulfilled, Matthew’s spends his evenings staring into space, turning on and shutting off a lamp.

All that is left for him to do is file the charges, or boil a bunny.
Stay tuned.

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